Ut System Master Agreements

(1) Sign and execute construction contracts on the approved model up to a total value of $4,000,000, financed by the contract. (2) Sign and execute changes to fully executed construction contracts on the approved model up to a total value of $4,000,000 per contract-financed modification. SPACE LEASE: delegation of powers for space leases worth US$1,000,000 or less. The Delegation does not enter into agreements with entities/persons established outside the United States of America. TRADEMARK LICENSE AGREEMENTS: delegation of powers for the implementation and provision of trademark licensing agreements for trademarks held by the Board of Directors, as long as all trademark licensing agreements include: (1) the subsidy clause published online or a subsidy clause that essentially resembles this subsidy clause (2) a declaration that subjects the licence to the licence conditions published online, and (3) a brand plan that contains the exact mark or licensed mark and indicates how these marks should appear (including colour, jackpot, phrase and other distinctive brand characteristics). Make sure that each licensee is properly monitored. All trademarks whose value exceeds the local contracting power of establishments must be verified and processed in accordance with UTS125. UT AUSTIN DELL MEDICAL SCHOOL ACTIVITIES – ACCORDS AND SUBVENTIONS: Delegation of Implementation and Execution Power (1) Affiliation Agreements and Program Agreements, (2) Business Associate Agreements, Business Associate Agreements, (3) Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements, (4) Services Agreements for Physicians, Medical Administrators, Medical Academic Administration, Medical Education, Medical Management, and Related Activities, (5) Non-Research Support Grants Suchas The legal power to bind the university is under the jurisdiction of the University of Texas Council of Regents, in accordance with Regents 10501. The Regent`s Council entrusts the President of each institution with the power to execute and provide contracts, agreements and other documents on behalf of the Regent`s Council.

The President of each institution may also delegate his powers to a secondary delegate. This delegation of authority must be made in writing and copies of written delegations must be submitted to the University of Texas.

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